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black friday on vanilla radio 50

The offer will be available for :

If you already have a Vanilla Premium account and want to extend, renew or reactivate it with this offer, you must log in first by clicking here

Our Black Friday offer has expired,
stay tuned for more awesome offers by keeping an eye on our social media fan pages ! 

black friday on vanilla radio 50

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the 4th Friday of November which for 2020 is on the 27th.
While we refer to it as 1 day, in fact Black Friday is “translated” by stores and consumers as a discount period with important offers that for us at Vanilla Radio correspond to a 50% discount on 6 & 12 month subscriptions.
The Black Friday tradition comes from the USA! After Thanksgiving Day, which is every 4th Thursday of November, comes “Black Friday” which marks the beginning of the commercial Christmas season.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to access our Premium service!
Register from Monday 23/11 to Friday 27/11, the offer is valid for new subscribers and users whose subscription is still active. *

* we will add the duration to the already existing subscription.

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