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** Hot Track ** Pete Cave – New Orleans (Original mix)

Pete Cave is considered, today, as one of the most talented and up-coming producers of the greek music industry. Widely known for his participation in the Number 1 selling compilation in Greece «La Suite 8» with the track «Believe», the hits «Suck It Off» ( supported by Kolombo, Haze M, Stacey Pullen etc), «Ι Want U» ( released by Zero10 records and brought him to the number 8 of the iTunes Dance Chart GR), the amazing bootleg of Aaliyah’s famous song «Try Again» and also the EP «Confessions» (Alma Soul records) (supported by Richie Hawtin, Kellerkind, Μ.Α.N.D.Y, Giom, etc) and «Breathe» (Number 2 in the iTunes Dance Chart GR). In June of 2015 he released the single “Give away” (Break the Rule Records) which reached No37 on another download site’s Top100 releases .

”Tech house star Pete Cave showcases his original mix “New Orleans,” a deep and driving tech masterpiece suited for peak time performance”

Supported by Laurent Garnier, Gene Farris, Shiba San, Tedd Patterson(Cielo NY), Bilber

Purchase here : Produced, Arranged & engineered by Pete Cave

New release from Dim Zach – Innocence EP

Dim Zach - Innocence EP

Nice edits but an EP has another value. Dim Zach returns to the discography, a few days ago he released his new EP with 4 fresh tracks, we listened to it, we liked it and let’s say a few words about …. ER but also about Demosthenes Zachariadis himself!

Greek producer Dim Zach, for 3 decades now, has been working as a DJ and producer with great success. With the album “Innocence” he marks his first appearance on Midnight Riot Records and gives his personal stigma and style as “Balearic vibes master”. It starts dynamically, trying to introduce us and introduce us to the electrofunk-soul style of Imagination with the amazing composition of “Innocence”.Following the genuine balearic style, he arrives with the acoustic guitars in an incredible 103 BPM shuffler, with “Abigail”, but before that, he proceeds gently to a nu-disco sound that is also influenced by italo-disco, with ” Do you “. But those looking for the culmination … should head straight to “Amour Incondionel”, a wonderfully rich and colorful tribute to the Italian dream house, full of whispered female vocals, string beats and repeated melodies.

You will also enjoy Dim Zach this season from the digital frequency of Vanilla Radio with a weekly mix set and with the opportunity let’s remember what the Municipality had answered to some of our questions: Interview with Dim Zach

Listen to his new work and of course don’t hesitate to buy whichever you like!

New Afro Deep releases from H @ K

We have become accustomed to high-level productions, but lately I would say that we are being misunderstood, Hercules Verdi and Konstantinos Theodoropoulos or H @ K have raised the bar very high, it is no coincidence that the Duo has always been in the last four years. TOP 100 of Traxsource.
One piece is better than the other .. enjoy the following after reading a few about H @ K first the top 100 Artist Fourth year .. (2013,2014,2015,2016) … Athenian Traxsource Top 100 artists (Hercules V & Konstantinos T) aka H @ K. With smash hit’s on Unquantize, King Street, Nite Grooves, Moulton Music, Solid Ground Recordings, Vida Records, MoBlack Records, Double Cheese Records, Cabana Rec …. and others, gives them credentials to fill dance floors all around the World..Made their debut in the Athenian night life in the Late 70s (1979) .. Their disco and funk vibes developed in house and hip-hop and landed them in some of the most famous clubs in Athens as well as the party islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Paros .. Part of their driving force, craze for music and will to experiment comes from their early passion of collecting vinyls, their extend collection spans tracks from the 60s until now ..

Vanilla Radio Exclusive * Alain Souchon – Foule Sentimentale (DJ Pantelis Vanilla Remix)

Alain Souchon - Foule Sentimentale

Vanilla Radio Exclusive & DJ Pantelis Remix

One of the most favorite classics in Greece, adapted by Remix Master, DJ Pantelis!
You hear it EXCLUSIVELY, ONLY on Vanilla Radio!
Tune in to our digital frequency and enjoy it!

Official release date at DJ Pantelis’ Bandcamp: August 10, 2017

Alain Souchon Foule Sentimentale DJ Pantelis Vanilla Exclusive Remix ( Teaser )

Fresh Remix!
Release Date: 10 / 8 / 2017 @ Bandcamp

** Hot Track ** Jamie Lewis pres.Nikos Diamantopoulos feat.Billie Brown – Wish I Didn’t Miss You

** Hot Track **

” Nikos Diamantopoulos a great producer and fantastic dj who knows how to bring the magic on the dancefloor and this men is for sure the hottest musical export from Greece at the moment featuring beautiful voice of Billie Brown she made already history when house was house and she is going to continue to make history with her wonderful vocal performance on this all time classic ! ”

** Hot Track **

Dim Zach Interview στο Vanilla Radio + New Remix with Free Download

Dim Zach interview

For a year and a half now, every now and then, we enjoy (sweet) music surprises by Dim Zach.
He is the man who makes the diamonds of the 80s and 90s conquer the air play of the radios again through amazing edits.

Being an excellent musician himself, he has the criterion and the instinct to add the necessary touches to every piece that “matters” in order for it to re-fascinate us and to be offered for mixing by the djs.


Today we bring you exclusively the new REMIX along with a relaxed chat with it.

Hello Dim! .. Or to put it in Greek …. Hello Dimosthenis !

Who is Dim Zach and who is Dimos Zachariadis?

Good Evening. I think they are two different people. One is to serve the daily routine of a normal person and the other could be said to exist to fulfill the first person’s secret musical desires.


How did your journey in music begin?

What made me love music was a cassette that had masterpieces of the time. A little later I discovered the first synthesizers. Magical experience for a time when music came out with a lot of effort. I never imagined that one day I would write my own songs.

Apart from your participation in LIEBE lately, you have refreshed our ears with edits in old and adored songs.

I always wanted to create a band. A band with friends who will have the same love for music. I think I did it, but at a time when this profession is not so favorable. Regarding Edits, I think it’s a great way to learn the latest music from the past in fresh performances.


How do you get a piece to edit?

It is a completely random choice. Other times friends suggest me their favorite songs. There really is no particular criterion.

If we had to put a label on the kind of music you produce, would it be?

I do not know. I like a lot of music and I always try to find alternative methods both in terms of orchestration and in the final production. However, I show particular weakness in anything that has disco funk roots.


Tell us how you feel on stage as a performer and how in the studio as a creator?

The stage is always very difficult. Everything must be perfect. Mistakes, unfortunately, are what make the most impression. On the other hand, in the studio it’s like being in constant search of the best. The goal is to never feel like you have to shut down your computer and go to bed.

How would you describe the current situation in the music industry?

Unfortunately, there is no music industry. Once again, we are living in a time of sloppiness. Even in music there is anarchy. I believe that first serious social issues should be resolved and then we should deal with music. After all, there’s a huge legacy of songs from the past that most of us don’t even know about.

A few words about your future plans, what is your relationship with social media, the internet and what is your opinion about Vanilla Radio!

I will continue to work on music. My goal is to get to know young artists through it and of course music that will make me a better person. The internet is the ultimate way to promote your business. Of course, I think that with the wrong handling, you can achieve the opposite results. It needs a lot of attention and a lot of experience. I always try to use any internet promotion without tiring those who are watching me.


In closing, I would like to thank Vanilla Radio for the kind hospitality, saying that it is one of the few radios that broadcast music that satisfies even the most demanding. One of the few music radios we have left ..

ANAA Feat. Niko Gaitano - A Rare Gift (Dim Zach RMX) Vanilla Radio exclusive *** FREE DOWNLOAD ***

Frankie Valli - Grease (Dim Zach ReWork)

Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (Dim Zach vs Plata O Plomo edit)

Ayo – Down on my knees (Liva K & Bok Remix) – Free download

Our own Costas Livathinos and Dimitris Katsimpokis took it off, Ayo – Down on my knees in an amazing remix by Liva K and Bok and the best of all is Free for download.

Do you really think she can love you more than me, do you really, really think so
Do you really think she can love you more than me, baby I know she won’t
Cause I loved you, unconditionally, I gave you even more than ,I had to give
I was willing for you to die, cause you were more precious to me, than my own life

Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Please, please don’t leave me

I won’t believe, that you really, really, wanna leave me, just because of her
Have you forgot about, all the things, we’ve been through, she was not the one, who was there for you
See, I loved you unconditionally, I gave you even more than ,I had to give
I was willing for you to die, cause you were more precious to me, than my own life

Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Please, please don’t leave me

Don’t leave me, I’m begging, I love you, I need you, I’m dying, I’m crying, I’m begging,
Please love me
I love you, I love you, I’m begging, please love me, I’m begging, I’m begging, Please don’t leave me, no, no, no, no, no

Down on my knees, I’m begging you…

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