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Tapeless Deck Project

Tapeless Deck Project

Technics M14 as digital cassette player – Tapeless Deck Project

Each Tapeless Deck is full of features:
• MP3 and FLAC player with animated cassette simulation
• FM radio • Internet radio
• wireless music upload and management
• touch control • internal storage for music files

Beautiful vintage Rotel RD-300M converted into Tapeless Deck.

You can find all Tapeless Decks at

Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Official Introduction

DJS-1000. We didn’t expect anything less from the pioneer!

Practical and user-friendly interface with a lot of color !!!
16 input keys
16 colored Performance Pad
7-inch full-color touch screen
Live Sampling and various other performance features

and many more features to take off your MixSet.

Watch the official presentation in the video below

Vanilla Radio plays everywhere!

Vanilla Radio Stats

If our music plays in more than 4,000,000 points and given that 80% of them are business points (coffee – bar – hairdressers etc.) is obvious that we are talking about an audience of .m i l l i o n s .
We carefully select special kinds of music and we also are everyday out there, in several bars and cafes playing the tunes. That gives us the “vibes”.
We provide you a very good and clean sound, smooth playback of tracks without gaps and ups and downs of volume.
We spend daily so many hours on our favorite radio and at the end of the day we receive from you so much love that makes us stronger an happier.

TOP 10 Countries by Sessions

Vanilla Radio Premium

We play the Most hip music for you Choose from our three channels, the one that suits better to your business.

New website for Vanilla Radio

Vanilla Radio New Web Site

New website for Vanilla Radio

Vanilla Radio’s team commissioned WebCore to design our new, official website, which is now “on the air”.
As we go through an era of technological revolution and portable “smart devices” have become an extension of our hand, we have made sure that our page is fully “responsive” and makes surfing a game, facilitating your updating and at the same time allowing music to play. us from any device (mobile, tablet or laptop) and if you listen to us without having to install any additional application.

By adding VIDEO to the homepage, with color and photo options combined with the easy-to-read font, our highly aesthetic page aims to turn every click of your visit into a fun experience.
By doing Scroll Down on the home page you have the opportunity to be informed by our blog about the activities of Vanilla Radio but also about other musical events.

. You can find links that lead to our presence on various music sites (YouTube, Soundcloud).
. You can also be notified and subscribe to our subscription service if you wish to provide music services.
. You can find out who we are and how we got here.
. You can be regularly informed about our statistics.
. You can of course subscribe to the newsletter to learn our important news directly and individually.

On the right side of our page, there is “your” space.
We have placed the button with the menu so that you can easily enter the inside of our page.
We have placed links so that you can connect with us on social media and finally …..
We installed Chat. To talk to us and talk to you.

Just like good friends do.

Vanilla Radio Team

Show our professional space to thousands of our daily visitors
or your product with a VIDEO on our homepage.
Contact us

Vanilla Radio New Web Site

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