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Vanilla Radio Premium

Leave the music to us

Our passion for music was the reason we made Vanilla Radio an online radio station allows you to create the perfect enviroment for your business.

The next level of our music services is Vanilla Radio P R E M I U M.
With just one click on your computer and very minimal cost, this offering requires no special knowledge on your part and allows you to enjoy the music selections of our DJ’s with no interruptions for announcements or advertisements.

Background music for cafe bar restaurant

The right music is very important to a business because many times sound works subconsciously and helps to create the appropriate mood for the customer as well as the right atmosphere in your space..
After many years of involvement in the music arena we have managed to create a base of multiple musical themes which are well known and enjoyed through our signature Vanilla Radio.


Music with perfectly processed sound and radio flow

We believe that with this choice you ensure a great advantage over the competition and offer your business a unique musical identity, which is as important as the decoration of your space, and of course you create an environment even more pleasant for you, the employees but especially your customers.


We #Refresh our music collection daily

8 channels (Deep, Smooth, Fresh, Jazzy & Eclectic, Lounge, Greek, Rituals Vibes, Rewind 80s 90s 00s)
Superior sound quality 192 kbps

  • Without interruptions
  • No advertising
  • No installation
  • Without special knowledge

#We_play_for_you – #WePlayForYOU #We_play_differently #WePlayDifferent #We_play_with_Love – #WePlayWithLOVE

Reviews from Vanilla Radio Premium listeners and customers

  • positive review I think it is the future for all Businesses and Stores.
    Flawless music on all premium channels, and they definitely have...
    read more

    Samvel Barkho Avatar
    Samvel Barkho
    09 Jul 2020

    positive review Τις θερμες μου ευχαριστιες στο Vanilla Radio Premium !!

    Περιμενα μια ποιοτητα ηχου και τελικα οι προσδοκιες μου ξεπεραστηκαν κατα πολυ...
    read more

    Σακης Πετροπουλος Avatar
    Σακης Πετροπουλος
    07 May 2020
  • Πολλές επιλογές, ωραίοι ήχοι για όλες τις ώρες. Οι άνθρωποι είναι πολύ οργανωμένοι. Εκτός αυτού, πολύ εξυπηρετικοί! Τους έστειλα μήνυμα... read more

    Katia Pontosidou Avatar
    Katia Pontosidou
    12 Nov 2017

    positive review Απ´οτι θυμαμαι ειμαι ο πρωτος που χρησιμοποιησε την premium υπηρεσια του Vanilla!!
    Φυσικα η συνεργασια μας θα συνεχιστει και για πολλα...
    read more

    Nick Spanos Avatar
    Nick Spanos
    03 Aug 2020
  • positive review Απίστευτες σπάνιες μουσικάρες όλων των ειδών και γι' αυτούς που αγαπούν πραγματικά τη μουσική!!! Άμεση και ευγενική εξυπηρέτηση επίσης! Συγχαρητήρια,... read more

    Nikos Dendrinos Avatar
    Nikos Dendrinos
    17 Dec 2019

    Great music with perfect flow. Worth the premium for businesses. Many options for all hours of the day depending on... read more

    Paris Doukaras Avatar
    Paris Doukaras
    29 Jun 2018
  • positive review Φοβερή μουσική. Τέλειο για επαγγελματίες , απίστευτες επιλογές σε όλα τα κανάλια τους , τέλεια ποιότητα στον ήχο και συνεχώς... read more

    George Kontovas Avatar
    George Kontovas
    18 Nov 2018

    positive review If you are an open-minded listener looking for an internet radio ,
    Vanilla is the radio internet station for...
    read more

    Anca Roxana Avatar
    Anca Roxana
    17 Jul 2020
  • positive review love you so mutch! its make me always happy to listen vanilla radio 😀🥰👍 best four to come in... read more

    Torsten Schürstedt Avatar
    Torsten Schürstedt
    22 Jan 2019

    positive review Από τους καλύτερους ιντερνετικούς σταθμούς στην Ελλάδα ξεκάθαρα! Μουσικάρες κάθε φορά που ανοίγω τον σταθμό. Με συντροφεύει πάντα στην γυμναστική,... read more

    George Kiotseridis Avatar
    George Kiotseridis
    16 Nov 2018
  • positive review First of all, thank you. As I wrote on the web site, in the background the music uplifts and brings... read more

    Brandon B. Cline Avatar
    Brandon B. Cline
    13 Dec 2019

    positive review The best radio in the world! I am in loved with Vanilla Radio since 3 years ago and i listen... read more

    Cristi Dehelean Avatar
    Cristi Dehelean
    06 Aug 2019
  • Απίστευτα μουσικά ακούσματα για κάθε διάθεση... Και πολύ επικοινωνιακο τμήμα μου βρήκαν τραγούδι που έπαιζαν περίπου 2 ώρες πριν.. Δεν... read more

    John Pozidis Avatar
    John Pozidis
    31 Oct 2017

    positive review I love vanilla radio as a listener and a songwriter. Vanilla brings all artists from all over the world together,... read more

    Joanne Marnezi Avatar
    Joanne Marnezi
    30 Apr 2020
  • positive review If you are bored from Mainstream Radio like me and you're watching for fresh vanilla smooth music which you can... read more

    Ali Taher Avatar
    Ali Taher
    06 Feb 2019

    Difficult to find a good site with live music...VANILLA i found you :)).....for this radio station you need good... read more

    Remus Remos Avatar
    Remus Remos
    15 Feb 2018
  • positive review AWESOME music EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of the day! Listening to Vanilla Radio 24/7. What is even more awesome is that... read more

    Diana Alexandra Avatar
    Diana Alexandra
    06 Oct 2019

    positive review Best music streamed live all over Greece. This radio station is the essence of Greek cafes and makes the experience... read more

    Phillip Mary Avatar
    Phillip Mary
    19 Sep 2018
  • positive review Listening to the Smooth and Deep Radio for more then 1 year now! never changed since then, you guys... read more

    Martin Relffum Avatar
    Martin Relffum
    19 Oct 2019

    positive review I live in Romania and i'm married to a greek women.Since you are on line,she's forcing me to listen to... read more

    Octavian Constantinescu Avatar
    Octavian Constantinescu
    30 Jan 2019
  • positive review Amazing professional radio. Not constant ads and always playing the best tracks. I have recommended it before to other people... read more

    Elen Kontou Avatar
    Elen Kontou
    06 Nov 2018

    Enjoyed Your station while I was chilling on the beach in Sivota... Amazing music! I hope You have live stream,... read more

    Petrović Milutin Avatar
    Petrović Milutin
    17 Sep 2018
  • positive review Amazing vibes for any taste. All car makers should by partner by default with Vanilla and have their station installed... read more

    Gabi Dumitriu Avatar
    Gabi Dumitriu
    04 Aug 2020

    Olympia no1 gym in Blankenberge plays Vanilla Radio. I'm so happy I heard you! You have one of the best... read more

    Daniel Nicoară Avatar
    Daniel Nicoară
    06 Jan 2018
  • positive review Είναι πολύ σημαντικό να υπάρχουν τέτοια ραδιόφωνο όπου μπορείς να ακούσεις το αγαπημένο σου είδος μουσικής. Και επίσης να υποστηρίζει... read more

    Mar G Rock Avatar
    Mar G Rock
    16 Feb 2019

    Fantastic radio station with great selection of music.

    Firat heard it while on holidays in Bulgeria and now regularly locked in...
    read more

    Martyn Bird Avatar
    Martyn Bird
    11 Feb 2018
  • Listened to your station while relaxing at Mandraki beach resort at Hydra. Great selection of relaxing covers of old classics... read more

    Kostas Semitekolos Avatar
    Kostas Semitekolos
    24 Sep 2018

    positive review Doing my workout in the gym here in Sofia, and totally enjoying the vibes of your cool and easygoing music..... read more

    Momchil Mitev Avatar
    Momchil Mitev
    12 Apr 2019
  • positive review The Great and inspiring playlist. Many stupid radio stations in Holland are using all the same top 50 pop format... read more

    Zeroth Seven Avatar
    Zeroth Seven
    09 Aug 2019

    positive review Great music. I listen to it allday long at work and to and from. I heard it first in some... read more

    Cristian Mircea Adamiu Avatar
    Cristian Mircea Adamiu
    10 Feb 2019
  • positive review I am a music fun since I was 15 years old. I have listened to too many radio stations over... read more

    Efthimis Dimitrelias Avatar
    Efthimis Dimitrelias
    18 Sep 2019

    τελειος σταθμος!!!!!

    Bianca Sava Avatar
    Bianca Sava
    20 Apr 2017
  • positive review Great radio station, excellent selection of music. Heard it while out and about in Bucharest, a very good option for... read more

    Simona Maria Popescu Avatar
    Simona Maria Popescu
    29 Jun 2019

    positive review Ότι καλύτερο υπάρχει στο ιντερνετικο ραδιόφωνο !!!!
    Οι μουσικες επιλογές στα κανάλια του Premium ειναι η μια καλυτερη από την...
    read more

    Giannis Fotiadis Avatar
    Giannis Fotiadis
    26 Apr 2020
  • positive review Great music! I discovered it in many cafes in Bucharest. I love to listen to Vanilla. Good job, guys! And... read more

    Claudia Maria Udrescu Avatar
    Claudia Maria Udrescu
    09 Aug 2019

    positive review Φανταστική μουσική !Σε καποιο καφέ το Μάρτιο που επισκέφτηκα τη Ρουμανία στην πολή Targoviste ακούγαμε VANILLARADIO!Συγχαρητήρια!!

    Evita Goul Avatar
    Evita Goul
    18 Aug 2019
  • The best Greek radio! It was love at first listening by accidentally walking close to one cafe in Parga few... read more

    Isidora Dora Bacvanski Avatar
    Isidora Dora Bacvanski
    27 Jun 2018

    positive review Do not waste your time, make every of your moments one of the best ones with vanilla smooth or deep.... read more

    Buljan Marin Avatar
    Buljan Marin
    27 Jun 2019
  • positive review One of the best Radio’s in Europe! Moreover, on Fb they replied very Fast in my search for a song... read more

    Emilia Szuszmann Avatar
    Emilia Szuszmann
    19 Oct 2018

    positive review Deep Channel 100% pure House music !!
    Smooth Channel 100% Silky and smooth tunes !! is the B E...
    read more

    Horhe Borracho Avatar
    Horhe Borracho
    20 Aug 2018

Choose and customize a music package to your liking.

50 €

Premium 1 month

Δημιουργία Μουσικού Πακέτου

Συνδρομή 1 Μήνα ( τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ )


120 €

Premium 3 months

Δημιουργία Μουσικού Πακέτου

Συνδρομή 3 Μηνών ( τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ )

30 € κέρδος / savings

200 €

Premium 6 months

Δημιουργία Μουσικού Πακέτου

Συνδρομή 6 Μηνών ( τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ )

100 € κέρδος / savings

300 €

Premium 12 months

Δημιουργία Μουσικού Πακέτου

Συνδρομή 12 Μηνών ( τιμή χωρίς ΦΠΑ )

300 € κέρδος / savings

Vanilla Radio Premium

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