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Συχνά λάθη με την μουσική Frequent mistakes with music ( cafe, bar, restaurant, retail )

Frequent mistakes with music ( cafe, bar, restaurant, retail )

You start full of passion & dreams, you want to offer something different, you do the necessary market research, you prepare the business plan, you find the right place and after everything is ready you find and the staff!

Did you forget something?
Beautiful decor and trained staff are essential, but what about the music?
In addition to your main product (coffee, drink, food, other), which you should definitely give importance to, you should also make sure that your customers – guests have a pleasant stay by listening to music that is in harmony with the space and the moment.

You yourself, when you visit other stores, how do you feel when the music you hear is indifferent? when it is at high or very low volume? when the volume changes in each song ? when it does not coexist harmoniously with the space and style?

All successful businesses don’t leave anything to chance, they have built their name – branding following specific rules and of course the background music soundtrack is one of the basic and without exception rules!

You have spent a respectable amount on the construction, decoration and advertising of your store and you have left the music last and indeed at the disposal of every employee or customer or even the person in charge who has access to the sound system but does not have the knowledge to this proven very important part of running a store.

Frequent mistakes with music

  • The music you have is from random selections of friends who have “opinion” and “knowledge” and offered to help you but in the end it doesn’t match the style of your store !!
  • You play some radio and you don’t care about the commercials and spots that are heard saying “everyone does the same” without caring about your customers and your reputation.
  • You play music from YouTube® many times with poor quality and of course with ads and gaps between the music videos, even leaving some “known” customers to choose what makes them happy, ignoring the rest who may be dissatisfied and of course not come again but also to defame you to third parties!
  • You pay on Spotify® and play what the algorithm “serves” you, which of course cannot focus on your own needs, repetitive lists with a few songs, most of the time inappropriate and unrelated to the musical identity you want to create and which you learn by heart after a few days!

We have the Solution for all businesses

Start building your business name right away starting with music.
With a subscription to Vanilla Radio’s PREMIUM service, you ensure that the music in your store or stores will also make the difference, It will create the best atmosphere in combination with your space, resulting in your customers consuming more since they will have a good time and increase the time they stay in your store.

Your customers will definitely appreciate the fact that your venue has a specific Musical Identity, they will not be surprised when they visit you again regardless of the day and time and most importantly the good comments and positive reviews they will give to third parties!

Depending on the mood, the customers, the time and the style of the store, you choose one of our music channels and you will focus on all the other and necessary services that you must provide to your customers, leave the music to the experts, leave the music to us!

Choose the plan that suits you and register now or click for more infos!

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