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Vanilla Radio , when you need a real dose of good music to wake up

Music tracks to Boost Your Mood

wake up with vanilla radios music

Yes, we have all been in the same position, we wake up and realize it’s Monday… it’s that beginning of the week when you don’t feel like anything..

It’s official… Mondays are crap!

Is there anything that will make the beginning of the week more pleasant?
Is there anything that will make us feel better even on these Mondays at work?

And of course there is the carefully selected music lists of VANILLA RADIO!

The right music in the office, in the cafeteria and in general in all stores can achieve everything!


VANILLA RADIO PREMIUM is here, choosing one of our channels with music Lounge, Eclectic, Cosmopolitan, jazzy, Smooth & Easy, 80’s 90’s 00’s, Greek art, Greek pop, songs about Love and Love as well as Deep, Afro, Soulful, Organic & Ritual house and of course all the songs that are in the top 20 and in the music charts, enjoy the music selections – lists that will fill you with the necessary mood, energy, smiles and will give good psychology to you, your employees and also to your customers.


We have carefully chosen one by one all the songs that we have on our channels – music lists – in order to offer quality to the background music of your store or your office.


Start your day by listening to free music from VANILLA RADIO or subscribe to access all our channels.

Below are musical selections to start the most hated day of the week well

I Feel Good by James Brown & The Famous Flames

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September by Earth, Wind and Fire

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MIKA – Relax, Take It Easy ( original mix )

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Pharrell Williams – Happy ( original mix )

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R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People ( original mix )

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The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

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Bob Marley, Robin Schulz – Sun Is Shining

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Nina Simone – Feeling Good ( original mix )

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Melanie Fiona – Monday Morning ( original mix )

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The next phase of Swedish House Mafia’s collaboration with IKEA includes record racks fit for DJs..
Swedish House Mafia have given IKEA’s KALLAX shelving unit, often used by vinyl collectors, an upgrade for the home DJ..
The OBEGRÄNSAD (“unlimited” in Swedish) version of KALLAX includes two rows of four cubes for record storage, with two slimmer sections along the entire length of the shelves for placing home DJ equipment such as speakers, headphones, amps and notes. The top shelf has room for turntables, mixers and more.

“Many aspire to be a DJ, but not everyone has the opportunity to perform in front of a large crowd,” said IKEA chief creative officer James Futcher. “We learned a lot from Swedish House Mafia about the spaces needed to make music. During the pandemic, we also started seeing people live streaming DJ sets from their homes and studios using KALLAX as a stage. And we thought, “There’s a fun opportunity to give a small upgrade to an iconic product for a collaboration around creating and listening to music.”

Pieces of the collaboration that have already been unveiled include the FRAKTA recording and tech gear bags, turntables, production and work desk and an armchair.

This particular collection of furniture will certainly be useful in many shops (cafes – bars – restaurants – hotels) that have limited space for placing the equipment for playing music, all businesses regardless of whether they “play” free music from the Internet (web radio , background music services, music lists ) or have music from DJs need solutions like this one that has a special design but does not take up much space.

See more photos on the IKEA website.



Music for all businesses


Leave the music to us.

Learn that with only from 0.80 € / day you can also enjoy our music in your business without ‘annoying’ spots and breaks for announcements and advertising messages.

Proper music is very important in a store as many times the sound works subconsciously, shaping the right mood for the customer by helping to create the right atmosphere.
Vanilla Premium channels offer you songs selected one by one by us and not from an automatic computer system, our lists are updated daily and are constantly enriched with new sounds from the Vanilla team.

By subscribing to the service of Vanilla Premium you will have access to many different channels: music for cafes – bars, music for cafes, music for restaurants and restaurants, music investment for chain stores as well as music for bar Cafe, Club , Beach Bar, Hotels – Hotels, gyms and anywhere else music is an integral part of the store.

This way you create an environment that is even more enjoyable for you, your employees but especially your customers.

With one click here Vanilla Premium Service select and customize a music package to your liking.

#We_are_for_you, #We_Play_For_YOU


Vanilla PREMIUM * with discount up to 40% * until 18.04.17

1 μήνας 20 € - 1 έτος 200 €

Dear friends and colleagues
Just before Easter, and always thinking that the market is waiting for its own Resurrection, we offer everyone interested the opportunity to make * a new Premium subscription (with access to 3 music channels) or to renew an already current one, at really preferential prices. .
For activation from holly Monday (10/4/17) until Monday 18/4/17 we offer our Premium service for 1 month with 30 euros and for 12 months with 200 euros.

* regardless of when your subscription expires.

easter offer vanilla radio for web site

To register again, click here: select the duration you want and fill out the form, in the field ΄΄Address 1΄΄ enter and write the ΄΄ Easter offer ΄΄.

If you choose to complete your registration with PayPal click here:

For more information or if you already have an active subscription, fill in the form below by writing in the comments the ΄΄ Easter offer ΄΄

We wish you a Happy Resurrection and a Happy Easter with health and professional progress.

Friendly and always at your disposal
Vanilla Radio Team

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EASTER VANILLA for web site

Vanilla Radio plays everywhere!

Vanilla Radio Stats

If our music plays in more than 4,000,000 points and given that 80% of them are business points (coffee – bar – hairdressers etc.) is obvious that we are talking about an audience of .m i l l i o n s .
We carefully select special kinds of music and we also are everyday out there, in several bars and cafes playing the tunes. That gives us the “vibes”.
We provide you a very good and clean sound, smooth playback of tracks without gaps and ups and downs of volume.
We spend daily so many hours on our favorite radio and at the end of the day we receive from you so much love that makes us stronger an happier.

TOP 10 Countries by Sessions

Vanilla Radio Premium

We play the Most hip music for you Choose from our three channels, the one that suits better to your business.

Vanilla PREMIUM * 50% * GIFT * Offer until 31.12.16

12 months with 50% Discount

Dear friends and associates, as we approach the end of the year, we decided to make a lucrative offer to all of you who work together *, have worked together or want to work with us!
You can get the Vanilla Radio Premium service (with access to 3 music channels) for a whole year, with a 50% discount, as long as you register by 31/12/2016.

* regardless of when your subscription expires.

να ξεχωριζεις premium offer vanilla radio

/// To register again click here
and in the field ΄΄Address 1΄΄ write the ΄΄ offer 50% ΄΄
/// For more information or if you already have an active subscription fill in the form below by writing in the comments the 50 offer 50% ΄΄

we wish you happy holidays.

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