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Music for all seasons

Music for all seasons , Music for every moment

The autumn breeze that blew last night did its job and the weakest leaves of the bougainvillea fell in the alley, scattered here and there. But nothing dies … immediately they started on their new journey … they became a colorful carpet of the street … so it will from now on everyday the road…colorful.

The same thing happens with music…

Songs from Vanilla Radio that change your mood, music for all seasons and for all places (cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels), music that accompanies you every moment of your life!

Music that you don’t want to let fall like the autumn leaves, instead you button up your shirt and turn up the volume of the radio to keep them tight…within you!

this is Vanilla Radio

Φώφη Τσεσμελή – Βιργινία Βασιλάκου HER Project vanilla radio


#HER Project #HERforALL



Due to the corona outbreak and the quarantine imposed, leading to inevitably serious and various repercussions, our local music scene needs our support now, more than ever.
We have prepared a list of local artists from all genres, including links to listen to their work, buy their music, and keep the vibe alive by connecting with them on social media.

United we stand!

 #HERforALL  from HER Project 



Fofi TsesmeliVirginia Vasilakou




#HER Project #HERforALL

Valletta Str. Project Live

Valletta Str. Project Live

Valletta Str. Project Live

Valletta Str Project – The Blueprint, Live at six d.o.g.s

Saturday, November 2, 2019


Two up-and-coming Athenian bands, Valletta Str Project and The Blueprint, are collaborating for the first time, live on the Six D.o.g.s stage on Saturday, November 2, on a dance night with beats, pop, blues and rock n ’roll.


Admission 6 euros

Valletta Str Project

Valletta Str Project started as a duo in 2012 making productions, collaborations and experimental gigs.

In 2016, with enough material in their hands, they decide to become a full band. Their sound combines Indie Pop Electronica with Funk guitars!

Their debut album entitled “Random Conclusion” is released in vinyl form on selected record stores and Digital on all music platforms (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc).


“We play ‘Pop’, that’s what we call it.”

“Aesthetically, we have followed the current of the time, that is, experimentation, speed, alternations and enhanced beats through a vintage filter. That’s all there is to the album: how we wrote, orchestrated, mixed, what sounds, melodies and lyrics we chose. “

(Valletta Str Project – 2019)

The Valletta Str Project is:

George Kapis (Vocals, Gtr)

Thanasis Alexandris (Sampling, Keys)

Nikos Alexandris (Gtr)

Costas Vassilopoulos (Bass Gtr)

Stefanos Kladis (Drums)






The Blueprint

Influenced by the direct and human character of blues music, Blueprint is a blues rock trio from Athens, which consists of Dimitris Kovaios on guitars and vocals, Christos Mouchlias on drums and Alexis Nassati on bass.

Known for their tight and expressive playing, as well as their dynamic presence on stage, they lay the foundations of their special identity, balancing between the always fresh rhythm of rock n ’roll and the passionate energy of the blues.

Inspired by shared experiences through life itself, Blueprint leaves its mark and, by undoing any established boundaries, challenges you to create your own!


“In the 4 plus minutes of the track, we have the ability to absorb the band’s talent, their tied playing, and enjoy their ‘clear’ and solid sound.”

The Basement, Local Nice To Meet You: # 36 The Blueprint (






New Season Mix Sets

As every year on Vanilla Radio, October marks the beginning of collaborations with some of the best DJs and producers in Greece and abroad.
Old and new partners, who in the process become friends. Ideas and sounds mixed with love aiming to keep you company at night.

This winter, our team consists of the following:

New season 2018 - 2019 mix sets on Deep & Smooth flavors

new season 18 19 mix sets

Vanilla Radio welcomes DJ VOLKAN UÇA

VolKan Uca * Vanilla Radio

Vanilla Radio welcomes one of the bigger names in the Turkish electronic music scene! DJ VOLKAN UÇA is the new entry in our team!
Already well known in Turkey, Greece, Europe and worldwide, VolKan Uca, the successful Dj, and producer, will be on air Every Sunday from 21:00 – 22:00 ( GMT+2 ) for one hour with a special mix-set for all Vanilla Radio‘s fans around the world.

Volkan Uca Feat. Ersin Ersavas & Semih Celikel - Ameno

DJ Volkan Uca, Merih Gurluk - Istanbul


Facebook  :

Websites   :

European Music Festival

Α city Full with melodies!

18european musicday2017 1

Ilia is dynamically entering the pulse of the European Music Festival!

June 19-20 in Pyrgos
June 20-21-22 in Amaliada
June 23 in Arch. Olympia

European Music Festival in Amaliada

With the slogan “The real talent show” takes place in the squares, Amaliada welcomes for the 7th consecutive year the celebration of the European Music Festival 2017.
This year’s events in Amaliada include live concerts by individual musicians, bands, amateurs and professionals, dancing, screenings and other music events. Musical groups will participate of various kinds that cover a wide range and are expected to offer generous entertainment and entertainment to the local community and visitors. All ages will participate musically, which proves that the city of Amaliada loves music and every year gives birth to new talents who want to play music to be participants in an open celebration!

European Music Festival in Pyrgos

A breath of fresh air for the city, which is so in need of artistic proposals, that its organizers want to be this year’s, second in a row, organization of the European Music Festival in Pyrgos. Musical ensembles of all kinds, from artists of all ages, dance shows from dance academies, music interactive workshops and events invite you to attend and co-create a two-day creation, expression and entertainment.
The organizers report: “The response of the people to our first project last year was more than warm and it pushes us to be even more creative. We want to give the opportunity to young artists to appear in the audience of the Tower and to transmit “stimuli”. We choose as places to hold our events, central places “unused” by the general public and we aspire to contribute to the transformation of these parts of our city into living organisms, giving them space to breathe and flourish.

European Music Festival in Olympia

For the first time this year, the European Music Festival is hosted in Ancient Olympia, even participating in the celebrations of the Olympic Day! It is the third city from Ilia to take part in the institution of the European Music Festival, proving that our region can present remarkable spectacles, but also to be presented to the general public!

Facebook / Europeanmusicday
# emd2017

γιορτη μουσικης vanilla radio πυργος αμαλιαδα ολυμπια
EΥΡΩΠΑΪΚΗ ΓΙΟΡΤΗ ΤΗΣ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗΣ 2017 19-20 Ιουνίου στον Πύργο & 20-21-22 Ιουνίου στην Αμαλιάδα

Vanilla Radio goes to P A R T Y at Bardoo * Amaliáda, Greece


Vanilla Radio goes to P A R T Y at Bardoo * Αμαλιάδα
when the best music bar serves you the best flavours…
* T H I S . I S . A N . E V E N T *


kouponi bardoo

The month of holidays opens with our return to Bardoo!
Vanilla Radio, on Saturday, December 3, has an appointment with you at the most beautiful bar in Amaliada.
At the last #Vanilla party for the coming year, the fun and the temperatures
will be at very high levels!
A unique event!
The unique musical flavors of served at
Decks in the glasses of ** #Bardoo **

Liana & George at Bardoo Bar

Gorgio L Mix Set | Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:00 at Vanilla Smooth Flavors

Gorgio L Mix Set κάθε Τετάρτη στο Smooth

Gorgio L
 (DJ / Sound Engineer / Radio producer)

Born in 1988 from Thessaloniki Greece
His love for music and dj culture started at the age of 14 when he started entering dj booth and discover the magical world of music and this feeling that you feel when you’re in there..
After several years of experimentation began his studies at 2008:Graduation Degree AKMI college Sound Engineer & Music Technology. Continues in 2009 enters one of the biggest club of Thessaloniki, where they have spent the biggest names in electronic music.
(Decadence Club DJ School Graduation Certificate in recognition of successfully attending and completing the decadence DJ school seminar which includes
(Mixing Production / Vjing / Back to Back and DJ Set)
Today! after all these years of active participation in space,Gorgio L Presents Dj Sets in the city of Thessaloniki and all around Greece .


Gorgio L 2

Chris Child Mix Set | Thursdays 21:00 – 22:00 at Vanilla Deep Flavors

Chris Child Mix Set

Collaborations with renowned Greek DJs continue, Chris Child has been added to our company!
You will hear it on our digital frequency every Thursday 21:00 – 22:00.

Chris Child … A name that could be called the most representative dj of his generation, with participation in the hottest and most massive house parties of the last 10 years. Born in 1987 in Athens and with musical knowledge in piano and drums, his love and inclination for house music did not take long. In 2009 he was a candidate in the AMSTEL competition “BEST DJ AWARDS” in collaboration with PLANETWORKS and in 2010 and after several residencies in known shops in Athens (BABAE, GALEA, BOUTIQUE, BALUX), joined the staff of SHOW ME LOVE PARTIES of JOHNNY GERONTAKI (JG). finds him at the end of 2011 with the creation of a new party called THE ROLLING STONE. , making the instant hit in everyone’s hearts and one of the biggest house parties in the capital (MIKRO, ISLAND, JOKE R) .In 2012 Chris Child also signed the music and lyrics of the 5-time Platinum album by Stelios Rokkos (“IDENTITY”) to the song “I REMEMBER” which exceeded 3,500,000 views!

In 2013, he joined Dybbuk’s squad alongside renowned dj AGENT GREG and together they created a dynamic duo that stood out from the first parties with the special chemistry on the decks. 2014 returns for the winter season with the big event THE ROLLING SHOW with 2 concept parties and as a resident at DYBBUK next to AGENT GREG where it is until today. With the release of EP ” 100 MOSQUITOS ” by the company RHYTHMETIC, CHRIS CHILD takes 4th place in the BEATPORT ELECTRONICA CHART with its original track, thus making a remarkable course that makes it stand out and places it next to renowned names in the field.

CHRIS CHILD track:fortuna


Chris Child Mix Set

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